Tuesday, June 21, 2011

What a weekend!!!

This weekend I had the privilege of carrying our youth to a Braves game & Six Flags! We had 35 people go and to say I was nervous about ALL of the details would have been a slight understatement. I was afraid our tickets wouldn’t work, the kids would not listen to me, my chaperones would not have fun, and the list goes on and on. Praise the Lord everything went as planned! My students were AMAZING! I did NOT have to get on to ANY of them and they met me at every check point throughout the day. We are blessed at RFBC with some great students.


We went to the game and cheered our hearts out & we danced the night away!The firework show at the end of the game was unbelievable!! The kids had a great time and then we headed over to our old pastor’s church and spent the night! We arose early the next morning and headed out on our adventure. There were no lines that morning and we rode LOTS of rides!!


So.. now I am back in the office working with volunteers, getting things ready for the mission trip, freedom fest, and youth group!!  Ways you can pray this week: that our sweet youth group would grow in their love for Christ and their love for each other. Also, pray for the man that God will call to our church for youth ministry and that our students would instantly connect to him.


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